Speaker: Jaewon Song (KAIST)

Title: Supersymmetry and Duality

Flat-space Holography

Speaker: Daniel Kapec (Harvard University)

Title: Symmetry, Soft Dynamics and Holography in Asymptotically Flat Spacetimes

I plan to spend an introductory lecture on the differences between AdS and flat spacetimes. The next two lectures will focus on symmetries in asymptotically flat space (BMS group, asymptotic symmetry groups in gauge theory, relationships to soft theorems). Lectures 4 and 5 will introduce the celestial CFT approach to flat space holography and cover the universal aspects (stress tensors, conserved currents, conformal manifolds, etc). Lecture 6 will be a more systematic and technical treatment of celestial CFT.


Speaker: Geoffrey Compère (Brussels University)

Title: Advanced Lectures on General Relativity